Dogfit Certified Trainer: Liz Evenden - West Surrey

Liz is an experienced canicrosser with a passion for sport and fitness. An owner of two gorgeous English Shepherds, Liz has seen the benefits first hand that canicross provides. Liz runs classes to suit all ability levels including an introductory class for beginners. She will give you essential advice on how to make the most out of your canicross classes, from fitting the running kit to handy directional commands that keep your dog stimulated and motivated.
Above all, she will help you discover how much fun you can have from exercising along with your dog.


As a Dogfit Certified Trainer, Liz will lead you and your dog on some fun and rewarding runs and share with you her wealth of knowledge about the wonderful sport of canicross.


Liz runs classes as follows:

  • 90 minutes Introduction to Canicross Class

Prices vary according to type and length of class.
Enquire below to find out more information.

Ash and Aldershot


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