DogFit Certified Trainer - Janine Lewis

Janine’s burning desire was to have her own dog when she was lived with her parents, but sadly they wouldn’t allow it. 

When she left home at 18 she adopted her first rescue dog, Rusty, a golden retriever/Irish setter cross. She has since rescued 7 lurchers and brought her children up alongside her furry friends. The dogs are very much family members.

Janine started canicross 10 years ago and shared many adventures with her JRT/lurcher cross Cassie. She has run and walked with all of her lurchers, all rescue dogs with a variety of issues. Canicross enabled her to exercise her dogs without worrying about their recall (awful!) or chasing deer - they have a high hunting instinct. She has refined her own technique as a long distance runner and Nordic walking instructor and through her Instructor training with DogFit. She currently has four lurchers and her youngest, Annie, a Beagle Saluki cross is her running partner and business partner.

She discovered Nordic walking in 2009 when she decided to take part in long distance events.

Her first ultra marathon was the 132 miles Forces March, billed as 5 marathons over 5 days, running from Ilfracombe (North Devon) to Bulford Camp (near Stonehenge). She did this dressed as a 6ft duck and for the Veteran’s Charity.

She continued to use Nordic walking for all over body fitness and keep her weight and blood pressure down. She tends to run shorter distances for her clients and this includes helping you with the couch to 5km fitness program as well as other classes and dedicated sessions. Her classes will be for people to either power walk, Nordic walk or run with their dogs, offering a program that suits the individual and their goals.




  • Introduction/Taster classes
  • Nordic Walk or running with your dog
  • Couch To 5K Beginners course – from power walking to canicross
  • Intermediate runs
  • One To One Sessions
  • Price according to time and type of class

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