DogFit Certified Trainer: Sharon Clare

Sharon is an experienced Level 4 REPS qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor with a passion for health, fitness, sports and nutrition.

Her mission is to educate, inspire and motivate as many people as possible to get more active more often and have fun in the process.

DogFit canicross classes are a perfect way to do this. They offer a structured, fun and sociable way of exercising yourself and your dog at the same time.

During the classes Sharon will share her wealth of knowledge on all things fitness and sports! 
There is a DogFit canicross class for people of all levels of fitness and ability and all shapes, breeds and sizes of dog.

Sharon Clare offers the following classes in South Suffolk:-
  • 90 Minute Introduction/Taster class
  • Couch To 5K Beginners course – from power walking to canicross
  • Intermediate runs/walks
  • DogFit Boot Camps
  • One To One Sessions
  • Nutritional Advice 
  • Price according to time and type of class

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