Dogfit Classes

We have teamed up with experts in the dog and fitness industry to provide you with dedicated Dogfit approved fitness classes. These sessions are designed especially for you and your dog to enjoy an exercise class together in a fun and rewarding environment. 

We cater for everyone; from complete beginner classes for people who don’t already run (where we start with power walking and build up to your first canicross run) to intermediate classes for people looking to enjoy a social canicross run in some beautiful countryside.

The Dogfit Instructor is there to support you in getting fit with your dog whilst ensuring it’s an enjoyable experience. And not only will you have guaranteed fun but you’ll see results fast!

If you would like to start running with your dog - we currently have classes in the Surrey, Kent, Sussex and South London areas, click on the links below for information.


 In order to participate in a Dogfit class you will need our specially designed canicross equipment which is built for maximum comfort and efficiency for you and your dog (read here for more information) We also advise that you read our Guidelines for Running with your Dog before you attend one of our classes.

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