International DogFit® Canicross Trainer - Australia

Australia - Dominika Kowalska

Dominika has joined the DogFit team to offer Canicross classes and sessions via her successful business "Woof Groove".

Her group often run at sunset along the beautiful Scarborough beach in Perth, Western Australia. To make it even more fun, there is often music playing in the background and there are some light effects...making it a real dog party with a difference!

The mission of Woof Groove is to "connect with others and strengthen the bond with your dog". It's also a great way to support mental health and get fit together in a fun and social way. The positive vibe guaranteed!

Dominika has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with dogs. She graduated with her Certificate II in Animal Health, has attended various dog training courses and enjoys reading books about dog behaviour. She has also volunteered at Vetcentre and been a dogsitter for the past couple of years.

She exercises daily; either at the gym or running with dogs as part of her dogsitting duties.

Dominika is very passionate about self development. She particularly enjoys coaching people to reach their chosen goals and motivating them to change their life for the better.

Through Canicross she wants to encourage people to connect with each other and inspire them to do things they normally wouldn't do. By uncovering their potential and changing their perspective on sport, they can associate it with something fun and pleasurable.

In particular, Dominika is keen to provide her clients with a good and positive experience and in turn strengthen the bond between them and their dogs. In doing so, Canicross is a wonderful way to also support their mental health and improve their well-being.


Dominika offers the following DogFit Canicross Classes in the Perth area, Australia:

  • Introduction to Canicross/Taster sessions 
  • Couch to 5k courses for Beginners
  • One To One personal sessions

Classes are available for all levels of fitness ability and all shapes and size of breed of dog! Prices vary according to type and length of class.