International DogFit® Canicross Trainer - Brazil

Brazil - Cláudia Stagni

DogFit Trainer Brazil
Cláudia is a keen sports enthusiast and big dog lover offering canicross classes in the São Paulo area. 

Cláudia has practiced sports since she was a child. She has also had dogs her entire life. Which is why she is so passionate about canicross and teaching it to others.

Her own dog is very energetic and goes with her everywhere; whether it’s the park, beach or countryside, he just loves to run, as well as to swim which provides perfect cross-training along with their canicross runs.

Cláudia recognises the importance of balancing her own strength work with conditioning which is why she complements her canicross sessions with regular Crossfit and gym classes. 

Canicross is a fast growing sport in Brazil, but still relatively unknown to the majority of people, which is why Cláudia is keen to help spread the word whilst offering safe, structured and fun classes in her area. 

Her classes will be focussed on helping people and their dogs new to canicross - to teach them the skills and commands needed as well as helping them with the equipment required. 

She will also offer more experienced runners the opportunity to build their endurance and speed as well as deepening their bond with each other.


Cláudia offers the following DogFit Canicross Classes in the São Paulo area, Brazil:

  • Introduction to Canicross/Taster sessions 
  • Couch to 5k courses for Beginners and longer distance runs for Intermediates 
  • One To One personal sessions

Classes are available for all levels of fitness ability and all shapes and size of breed of dog! Prices vary according to type and length of class.