International DogFit® Canicross Trainer - Portugal

LISBON, Portugal - Natália Bravo 

Natália is a dog trainer particularly interested in a fun and relationship-based approach to training more than anything else.

Whilst she likes to take her dogs for a ride on the Stand Up Paddle, train for Treibball and DogParkour, she discovered canicross as a safe way to exercise her reactive dog (and also her other dog who likes to run off sometimes) who after a lifetime of no sports started to exercise 5 days a week!

Her deepest desire is to support people and dogs in having the best relationship they can have and she is also a firm believer that dogs and owners who do things together stay together.

While working through challenging behaviours (she runs one of her dog muzzled) or difficulties, canicross can bring the much needed physical exercise, and not underestimating the need for mental stimulation and relaxation, to keep the head clear and have a rewarding time together despite the issues.

Natália owns a doggy daycare and family hotel and also offers training sessions. She lives with her four kids, husband and four rescue dogs in Cascais, right inside a nature reserve.

Recently she also picked up cycling and is pondering to add bikejoring to her and the dogs' exercise routine.

For Natália it does not matter if you walk or run or bike as long as everyone is happy. Even if your dog is not a puller or is a particularly small dog she believes that canicross can be great for everyone.

With people’s lifestyles being busier than ever before, being able to combine dog time and exercise seems such a great idea! And the fact that the canicross sessions take place outside amongst nature (as opposed to running on a cycle lane, treadmill or the street) heightens the well-being due to the natural calming effect nature has.

So if you want to run on the beach or in the beautiful hills of Sintra or the Monsanto forest in Lisbon or in the local park, Natália is there to help you find the right equipment and explain the necessary steps so you and your dog(s) can enjoy more time together whilst getting fitter together.

Natália speaks German, Portuguese and English.


Natália offers the following DogFit Canicross Classes in the Sintra-Cascais area, Lisbon

  • Introduction to Canicross/Taster sessions 
  • Couch to 5k courses for Beginners and longer distance runs for Intermediates 
  • One To One personal sessions

Classes are available for all levels of fitness ability and all shapes and size of breed of dog! Prices vary according to type and length of class