International DogFit® Canicross Trainer - USA

CHESAPEAKE, VA 23322, USA - Shannon Wascak

Shannon is an experienced canicrosser and instructor, having started teaching human and dog fitness classes in Charleston, SC over 9 years ago.

Her incentive to set up her business was her beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Lola, who she rescued from a terrible hoarding situation. Everything was new to Lola because she had been kept in a crate for the first year of her life - never going outside, no toys, no collars or leashes.

So to socialize her, Shannon would take her everywhere with her including giving her plenty of exercise at local parks. Lola absolutely loves other dogs so it made sense that they started teaching classes together. A few years ago Shannon moved to Virginia after getting married to her husband who is in the Navy. She had planned on starting dog / human fitness classes in Virginia but ended up having three children in less than 3.5 years, so that’s been keeping her extremely busy!

When Shannon came across DogFit, she immediately saw the benefits of canicross and leapt at the chance to learn this with Lola and in turn use her human and dog fitness teaching experience to become a qualified DogFit Canicross Trainer. Through regularly doing canicross with Lola and passing all the DogFit certification materials, Shannon is keen to share her knowledge with her clients to show how canicross is a great way to get fit with your dog in a fun, safe way with the benefits of keeping healthy and building a unique bond.

Shannon is dedicated to keeping on top of her knowledge and is in the progress of completing her ACE group fitness certification. Shannon’s family now consists of 4 kids, her husband, their dog Lola, and 4 kitties!


Shannon offers the following DogFit Canicross Classes in the Chesapeake area, USA:

Introduction to Canicross/Taster sessions
Couch to 5k courses for Beginners and longer distance runs for Intermediates
One To One personal sessions

Classes are available for all levels of fitness ability and all shapes and size of breed of dog! Prices vary according to type and length of class

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