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At DogFit we are passionate about encouraging and supporting people and their dogs to get fitter together in a fun, safe & social way.


Meet the team behind DogFit.....



Gail is an experienced runner and dog owner. After competing in a number of road races over the years, including 15 marathons in the UK and Europe, Gail discovered the wonderful sport of canicross and was quick to hang up her road trainers and replace them for trail shoes!

Along with her husband Derry, she enjoys running their three rescue dogs; a Ridgeback Doberman cross and two staffies. She loves the social aspect of canicross but also enjoys taking part in regular canicross-friendly races, having won a number of them with her faithful staffie Sidney, affectionately known as Super Sid!

Their most recent addition to the family, Winston, is already showing signs of being a great canicrosser. He's also a star in his own right with a special feature in this Summer's Battersea Cats & Dogs Home magazine, Paws!

A regular contributor to the DogFit Blog, Gail is keen to share her knowledge and experience to help others discover and get the most out of the wonderful sport of canicross.


Ginetta has been canicrossing with her GSP Coco, for many years. As an experienced dog owner and GSP breeder she was looking for something that she could enjoy with a very active dog as well as improve her own fitness.

She admits that running had never been something that interested her until she tried canicross which opened up a fun and rewarding hobby…and Coco absolutely loves it!

Ginetta enjoys the social side of canicross and running with a group, as well as competing in local 10K races - although yet to run a marathon!

With a passion for this growing sport and keen to share her experience, Ginetta originally came up with the idea for DogFit and partnered with Gail, to encourage more people and their dogs to give it a go. She says that one of the best things about running with your dog, is that you don't need lots of equipment, just your canicross kit, your trainers and your dog  - and you can run anywhere and enjoy the view.


Is this for me?

People and their dogs come in all shapes and sizes with different ability levels and objectives when it comes to living an active and healthy lifestyle. At DogFit your entry fitness level is not important - what is, is that you recognise the benefits of getting fit with your dog and that you are both doing something!



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