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Eco-Friendly Dog Collars


We especially love these eco-friendly dog collars from Lupine - made from recycled plastic bottles, each colour is beautifully unique.

  • 3 collar widths
  • 5 unique colours
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Super soft, durable design
  • Features side-release buckle
  • Lifetime guaranteed!


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Ecocollars are made by Lupine in New Hampshire and come with a lifetime guarantee. How are they made? Plastic bottles are melted down and the hot liquid is formed into tiny threads, which are then dyed and twisted to make each string you see woven into the collars.

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Width Neck Size
1/2" 8-12"
1/2" 10-16"
3/4" 9-14"
3/4" 13-22"
1" 12-20"


To determine collar size, measure snugly around the middle of the dog's neck, then add an extra 5-percent for a comfortable fit. Machine wash, warm water, mild soap (no bleach or bleach alternative). Air dry. 

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