Online Canicross Courses

If you would like to learn how to canicross with your dog, but can't make it to one of our classes - then online classes could be the answer for you!
DogFit are pleased to offer two online options for you and your dog to start your canicross adventures together.

1-2-1 Coaching online with our DogFit Trainer, Josie Shepherd 

Ideal for beginners looking to canicross from couch-5k but would like online support from our DogFit Certified Canicross Trainer to achieve your goals. An initial consultation is then followed by weekly check-ins for you and your dog.

  • A dedicated DogFit Coach with knowledge and experience of both canicross training and running fitness
  • Initial 30 minute consultation to talk you through the programme and to advise you on the best canicross kit for you and your dog
  • Access to a weekly training plan over a course of eight weeks
  • Weekly check-ins to keep in touch, via email/text 
  • Help with improving your running and canicross technique; canicross cues/commands, running form, stretching
  • A Couch to 5k Finisher medal to celebrate your success at the end of the course

  • Cost: £130 for 8 week course  >> Book this course



    Self paced online Canicross Course

    Designed for complete beginners (you just need to be able to walk briskly for half an hour), this is a structured and fun plan that will get you and your dog off the couch and jogging 30 continuous minutes in just 8 weeks.

    Each week you will get access to extensive course material that includes both canicross and running tips and expertise to support you and your dog on your journey. 

    • Extensive course material and videos 
    • Work through at your own pace
    • Access at any time to suit you
    • Lifetime access
    • Couch-5k finisher medal
    • Cost: £49   >> Book this course


    "I just started the Online Canicross Couch to 5k a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it! My husky is enjoying getting to run and the program itself is great. DogFit is awesome for both of us!" - Glenna

    "Absolutely over the moon that my little guy - the best personal trainer EVER, has helped me to run 5k on 4 occasions now! Thanks to DogFit for all of their help and support 😁  We've gotten 6 PBs on our 5k today so onwards and upwards!!" - Carol

    "I found the DogFit team so helpful when trying to decide on a harness. I had a session booked but it got cancelled due to Covid-19 which I was worried would mean I couldn't start. However, there is so much support from DogFit and their online Canicross Couch to 5k program that I felt confident and reassured to start." - Suzanne

    "We are really enjoying learning about this sport (myself and my boy, Rocket). Thanks to DogFit for getting us in the right canicross equipment and for the live social media talks and videos throughout lockdown, they've been brilliant."
    - Paula

    "How proud of these guys am I !! And of myself really. For someone who really could not run for toffee we have surpassed all of our expectations and have really enjoyed the DogFit couch 2-5k running course I have always wanted to do Canicross but not being able to run was always going to be a problem but now the possibilities are endless. Thank you for all the information and of course the medal."- Pat