Our work with Rescue Dogs

If you are already involved in Canicross you won’t need convincing of both the social and fitness benefits it brings. We are yet to meet anyone who doesn’t think this is a wonderful way to bond with their dog and a great way to keep fit together!

One of the biggest advantages of Canicross is that you can still run your dog without letting them off the lead. For many people this is the only opportunity for their dogs to still enjoy a good run and burn off some energy.

In fact many of our customers with dogs that can’t be let off the lead tell us that Canicross has transformed their lives and that of their dogs - the dogs are both happier and more stimulated.

It is because of this that we wanted to use our Canicross expertise, experience and access to equipment to actively support our local rescue centres by volunteering to run their dogs for them, to loan them kit and to encourage others to get involved - the more people who can help, the better!

We’ve had amazing feedback to date, about how Canicross has helped not only to exercise the dogs but also keep them mentally stimulated…which has led to a more content, happier and calmer dog. Which ultimately helps with their re-homing prospects!

That’s all we ask for :-)


Throughout 2019, DogFit ran a charity competition and donated kit to a different nominated charity every month. You can see our winners >> Here

Our other charity work includes:


Established in 2006, Rescue Remedies is a very small, nonprofit, internet based rescue. They mainly cover the South East of England and rely completely on just a few dedicated volunteers.

We’ve been supporting them by running some of their dogs and donating kit. You can read our full blog post here.

For more information about Rescue Remedies visit their website at www.rescueremedies.co.uk. You can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/676797962392764/ 





We've also been supporting RSPCA Inspector, Marie Hammerton who has been doing some amazing work by taking rescue dogs along to the local Parkrun at Basildon.

It's an initiative that Marie set up herself giving the dogs more exposure and an improved chance of finding their forever homes. In fact, as a result of taking them, she has rehomed a whopping 20 dogs.

We got in contact after we saw pictures of Marie running with the dogs using two leads - one in each hand, and offered to bring along Canicross kit and run with her to show the benefits of using the kit.

RSPCA Basildon now has a selection of canicross kit in different sizes for the rescue dogs, helping Marie to continue her good work whilst staying in better balance and control. 

Parkrun do have guidelines for running with your dog and for more information see our blog which covers the rules and general Parkrun etiquette. 
**Edit, please note that as of 2022 sadly ParkRun decided that you could not run at a Parkrun event in a Canicross waistbelt. They now only allow runners to run with dogs on a handheld lead. Something DogFit would not recomend.

 Watch our video with Marie...