Canicross Kit

Canicross kit - running with your dog

Help with choosing Canicross kitWith the correct canicross kit, you can run hands-free, in balance, along with your dog.  

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To start canicrossing with your dog you need just three kit elements:

1. A belt for you
Our technical canicross waist belts with fixed, adjustable leg straps, are specially designed and built for maximum comfort and to prevent and back strain. The main part of the belt sits on your hips, to ensure the pull from your dog is from that area and not your waist.

We have a large selection of different belts, to suit all sizes.
>> Canicross belts

2. A harness for your dog
Canicross harnesses are especially designed for the sport. It's important that your dog has a properly fitted harness - one that sits comfortably and that doesn't impede their airways and natural running motion.

There are different styles available according to your dog's size, power and running style.
>> Canicross Harnesses

3. A bungee running line
The special bungee line attaches the two of you to each other. One end attaches to your waist belt and the other to your dog's harness. The line helps absorb any shock from the pull of your dog so you get a nice smooth and comfortable pull.

We have a selection of different lines from 2m Canicross or Park Run length.
>> Canicross Lines

   Other Essentials:

  • We also recommend that you wear suitable trainers for running in off-road/cross country conditions; trail shoes are ideal
  • Any clothing you wear should be lightweight and comfortable - ideally technical apparel because it wicks away moisture/sweat, dries quickly and is less bulky than cotton garments
  • It's also worth investing in a light rain jacket - it is the UK after all and rain shouldn't get in the way of exercising your dog! 

It's important that you both enjoy canicross which is why we recommend that you read our Guidelines for Running with your Dog for additional tips and advice.