Power Walking Kit

Dog power walking belt

Power Walking or Speed Walking with your dog is a fantastic way to build up from ordinary walking without putting too much stress on the joints. It is recommended as an alternative to jogging for a low-to-moderate exercise regime. It's also a great way to bond with your dog and get fitter together!

To enjoy power walking you need just two essential items:

 1. A Walking Belt (for you)

When power walking you will need a specially designed walking belt.

The main benefit being the ability to walk your dog hands-free, thus enabling you to concentrate on your exercise and avoid any jarring to your shoulders.

We are big fans of the Ezydog Hands-Free Walking Belt. Comfortable and highly durable, it is the ultimate dog walking lead (it functions as a waist belt and lead) and is very popular with our customers. 

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2. A Harness (for your dog)

It's important to fit your dog with a harness when power walking rather than have them pulling from the neck as this can cause stress and injury to the dog.

We would highly recommend the Ezydog chest plate harness. Specially designed to distribute weight evenly across the dog's chest, this lightweight harness is easy to fit and has been created with your dog's comfort in mind. 

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Other Essentials:

  • We also recommend that you wear suitable trainers for running in off-road/cross country conditions; trail shoes are ideal
  • Any clothing you wear should be lightweight and comfortable - ideally technical apparel because it wicks away moisture/sweat, dries quickly and is less bulky than cotton garments
  • It's also worth investing in a light rain jacket - it is the UK after all and rain shouldn't get in the way of exercising your dog!