Canicross Tutorial: Master running downhill with your dog

For many of us, how we would like to run downhill with our dog versus the reality could not be further apart.

In our minds we are running like a gazelle, light on our feet and looking effortless whilst keeping pace with our dog. In reality we are either hanging on to the line for dear life, trying desperately to reign our dog in or flailing our arms about as we hurtle at what feels like 100 mph to the bottom of the hill...all the while hoping we don’t face plant! What's worse, we all know that super confident, cool as a cumber runner who just has everything under control. Boo!!

So are you a Windmiller, Screamer, Hang-on-for-dear-lifer? Or do you go to the extent of avoiding steep hills altogether?

Well, fear not, soon that will be in the distant past. In our video, I share some tops tips for how you can build up to becoming a confident downhill canicross runner.

No longer will you be the one screaming for dear life or the one digging your heels in whilst hanging desperately onto the will be that SUPER COOL CANICROSSER others aspire to be...whilst saving your knees in the process! Remember, this is a tough skill to master but with practice you will be the envy of your peers :)

How to Canicross downhill  

What type of downhill runner are you?'