Calling Canicross Dog Athletes!

We are celebrating all the dog athletes out there that Canicross with their owners and would like to feature them in a video we are producing.

Canicross Dog Athlete


We will be showcasing all the wonderful pups and different breeds and cross breeds that take part in our wonderful sport. Large and small, hopefully helping encourage other people and their dogs to give canicross a go.

If you would like your dog to be featured in our video, we would need the following:

🧡  Side on picture of your dog (as Winston is demonstrating above) wearing his/her canicross harness. Facing left like he is standing .

🧡   Far enough away that we get a good amount of scenery above and below. Not close up!

🧡  If your dog is especially petite, please leave even more room around so we get lots of back ground image.

🧡  Please fill in our form link >>here, where you can upload your image too.


Closing date for submissions is Sunday 14th March 2021. Any questions, please do drop us a line at 

NB: We will absolutely endeavour to feature all dogs submitted, but with multiple breeds of the same type we might only be able to feature one