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Tune into our podcast especially for Canicrossers. In each episode we are joined by a special guest (or two). We hear from professionals, regular Canicrossers and also dog and human experts in their field. It's real people with real stories that we love to share with you.
Episode 35:  The Ultimate Challenge? Trophée des Montagnes (TDM)

Sarah Gillam has literally just come back from competing in the legendary TDM in the French Alps. Widely regarded as the toughest Canicoss event going, the TDM consists of 8 challenging stages over 7 days, with people travelling from all over the world (mostly Europe) to take part.

So we thought we’d take advantage of Sarah’s rest and recovery time to invite her to join us today to tell us all about this prestigious event and maybe inspire some of our listeners.

Episode 34:  Going the Distance - Ultra Canicrossing

Have you ever contemplated the exhilarating adventure of Canicrossing a marathon or even running an ultra with your dog?

You might already be enjoying those longer distances together and the thought has crossed your mind. But what does it take to push the boundaries even further? Perhaps you're already an experienced marathoner or an avid ultrarunner, but have you ever wondered about the unique challenge and the rewards of running those distance with your dog?

In this episode we are delighted to be joined by two guests: Amy Nash, our DogFit Trainer from Orpington who took part in an Ultra earlier this year in South Wales, and Michelle Osman, who started Canicross, almost two years ago, on a couch to 5k course, and is now working towards her first ultra event.

Episode 33:  Life in the Canicross Fast Lane

Whilst many of us are content with just putting on our trail shoes and heading outside for quality time with our dog, there is a whole other world of Canicrossers who love nothing more than competiting at the top end of the sport, which can even mean representing their country internationally. So what is it like performing at the top end of the sport? How do you go about becoming eligible to take part?

In this epidsode we are joined by GB Canicrosser, Personal Trainer and DogFit Trainer Sarah Gillam. Among her many achievements, Sarah won the British Canicross Championships in 2022. She also has a degree in Sports Technology and an MBA in Sports Management. So it’s safe to say she knows her onions!

Episode 32:  Crufts & Canicross

The exciting event of Crufts attracts dog lovers and enthusiasts from around the world. Thousands of dogs are primed and prepped and are put through their paces for the showing world. It's far cry from Canicross you might think! Showdogs and Canicross Dog Athletes are two complete ends of the spectrum - but can you combine the two pastimes? Our guest on this episode is Canicrosser Lucie Allen, who has two beautiful Finnish Lapphunds, quite possibly one of the fluffiest breeds around. We are keen to find out about their time showing at Crufts and their Canicross adventures.

Episode 31:  A male take on Canicross

Over the many years, we have been involved in Canicross, we've seen more and more men taking part which is fantastic but what is it in particular that draws them to the sport? In this episode, we are joined by two very experienced Canicrossers, Brian Slack and Gail’s husband, Derry. We’ve invited them along to ask them about their Canicross experiences, from the social side through to taking part in an event - and why they love the sport so much.

Episode 30:  Fuelling your Canicross runs - Expert nutrition tips

When we start increasing the amount of exercise we do, it’s important to give consideration to what and how much we eat to ensure we sustain our energy levels and also recover well. In this episode, we chat with Ali Migliorini founder of CookSimplyCook, who is a Food Mentor and Canicrosser. Listen in for expert tips and advice to fuel your longer runs.

Episode 29:  Your Race, Your Pace

Thinking of taking part in an event with your dog? In this episode we are talking all about Canicross events. We are so pleased to be joined by Run Series’ Race Director David Kelly and between us we will be discussing what you can typically expect on race day through to top tips for ensuring you and your dog have a fun and positive experience.

Episode 28:  Confidence and Canicross with Inein Victor Garrick

Canicross is for everyone and everydog, however sometimes taking those first steps in the sport is the hardest part. There could be lots of reasons stopping you and having the confidence to try can open the doors to a wonderful sport and fun with your dog.

In this episode we are joined by Inein Victor Garrick, who is also one of our DogFit Ambassadors. On social media he is known as @vikto_garik_runs, and together with his dog Zuko aka Firelord, they regularly Canicross and race together.

Episode 27:  Canicross Myth Busters


Are you new to Canicross or watching on the sidelines thinking about taking the plunge? If you fall into either of these categories this podcast is 100% for you.
Today we are joined by DogFit Trainer Sian Swift, who has been on the team for 4 years now coaching her popular Canicross classes in the Leeds area.
Sian has tonnes of experience helping people who are both new to Canicross and to running so she not only has the knowledge and experience to teach people and their dogs to Canicross but she understands some of the nervousness or concerns some people may have taking on a new sport.


Episode 26:  Chewy Barker Woof - Beagle Canicross Dog


We were very excited to have one of our DogFit Ambassadors on our podcast this week. Melissa, aka Chewy Barker Woof on Instagram, has a big following on social, particularly amongst Beagle owners as her own dog Chewy is a bit of a pin-up Beagle, who happens to love running with his Mum. 

Canicross has been a revelation and transformation for them both and in this episode, we hear about their exciting adventures and plans for the future.

Episode 25:  Too hot to trot? Can you Canicross in warm weather?

As Canicrossers, the health and wellbeing of our dogs is our main priority. We love getting out there and running whenever we can, whatever the weather. However, when the weather warms up, how hot is too hot?

This is a question we are often asked, especially by people who are new to the sport. Our guests in this interview are canine researcher, Anne Carter, and small animal vet, Emily Hall from Hotdogs - heatstroke education for dog owners. 

Episode 24:  Can Gundogs Canicross?

One of the common questions we get asked is, 'Can any dog breed Canicross and are there some that are better than others’. Our answer is always yes, however we do find that there is one particular dog group that we know takes to the sport really well.

We are joined by Michelle Oseman, professional Gundog Trainer and expert handler. Having gained many Field and Trail Test awards running her spaniels in the shooting field, Michelle is now enjoying running with her dogs and Canicrossing. We are keen to learn more and understand how these two can work together.

Episode 23:  How Canicross changed my life
Back in October 2020, Ginetta and I launched our first ever Podcast series. We kicked off with our episode 'Questions, Fun & Fears’ that involved a really fun and interesting conversation with Carolyne and Kelly, two complete newbies to Canicross.

We chatted about those first steps to getting started and then gaining confidence on the trails. Carolyne had just completed the DogFit Couch to 5k programme with her Vizsla Ted and she shared her experiences with us and told us how, as a non-runner, she had completely fallen in love with Canicross.

Well, I am so pleased that we have Carolyne with us today and we are really excited to find out what she and Ted have been up to since we last caught up with her.


Episode 22:  Measure, Manage, Monitor - Diet Tips for Canicross Dogs

A top priority is for any dog owner is the health and wellbeing of you dog and when we introduce them to a new sport that ups their activity levels it is important to monitor their weight and nutrition. The same goes for dogs that have maybe been Canicrossing for a while, but perhaps you have decided to focus on a goal, which might involve working towards longer distances.

We are joined by Rebekah Thompson, who is a Senior Customer Services advisor at Skinners. Rebekah gives us expert advice and tips on how to measure, manage and monitor.

Episode 21:  Why you should wait until your dog fully grown before Canicrossing

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers, is 'how old should my dog be before they can Canicross?’ We always advocate waiting until your dog is fully grown before they do anything too rigorous as their growth plates are still forming but we thought we’d get an expert in to explain in more detail why this is so important.

Grace Bird, who is our guest today, is a radiographer and DogFit Trainer, so she not only has the knowledge but she can relate it to this sport we all love so much.

Episode 20:  New Year Canicross Goals & Motivation

We’ve all been there…as we close one year and another fast approaches we start to think about what we want to strive for in the new year. For many of us we tend to reflect on our health and fitness goals. But how do we find the motivation to get started and, most importantly, how do we stick to a plan beyond the first month?

Well, fear not, help is on hand. We are joined by DogFit Trainer and Personal Trainer Cat Batson who has plenty of advice to help you set your fitness goals in 2022 and stick to them!

Episode 19:  Food For Thought - Xmas treats for your dog and what to avoid

It's nearly Christmas and at this time of year many of us enjoy the festivities and the treats it brings. We all want our dogs to join in too, but what is safe to treat them with?

In this episode we chat with Zoe Russell, Nutrition Officer at Skinner's about foods that your dog can and can't eat. Zoe's answers some of those FAQs about what delicacies they are able to enjoy.

Episode 18:  Finding routes and Canicrossing safely on the Trails

One of the great things about Canicrosss or Canitrekking is that you can run absolutely anywhere with your dog. 

There is nothing quite like just discovering a new routes when you are out with your dog, but how do you go about planning which way to go? Have a listen to our latest podcast with experienced Canicrosser and DogFit Trainer, Lara Trewin about Planning Routes and Safety on the Trails.

Episode 17:  Nutrition and the active Canicross dog

We all want to make sure that our dogs are getting the right nutrition, especially if they are increasing their activity or out Canicrossing regularly.

We chat with our partners at Skinners about their new Get out & Go range, specific ingredients that are beneficial for our dogs and their new energy and recovery bars. With over 50 years of experience of fuelling active dogs, so understand the energy requirements and nutritional support that dogs need.

Episode 16:  If the shoe fits.....but is it right for Canicross?

When we talk about Canicross we tend to focus on the three main pieces of equipment; the belt, harness & line. But what is often overlooked is what you should be wearing on your feet. We’ve all been there, and just gone out and bought a pair of trainers that we think will do the job. Then when it gets muddy and wet we start to wish we had gone for something with better traction, especially when there’s a dog pulling out in front! Or worse still, we pick up injuries.

But when it comes to which trainers you should wear, especially for off-road running, it can be a minefield; there are so many brands out there, all claiming to do different things, whether it’s the amount of cushioning and support you need or the best tread for the terrain you run on.

Episode 15:  Things we wish we'd known when we first started Canicrossing by Founders Gail and Ginetta
We were talking the other day about how we first got started in Canicross, many moons ago now. It occurred to us how much the sport has grown and evolved in that time. It’s like any other sport really, with so much to learn. When you first take it up and you’re a complete beginner, it might seem quite straightforward to just get your dog in a harness, put on a waist belt and go off for a run. Actually, there is so much more to it, as we have discovered in the years that we have been Canicrossing.

Episode 14:  From lockdown pup to Canicrosser. Expert advice from DogFit Instructor and Dog Trainer Matt Blackbourn
Are you one of the thousands of people who have taken on a lockdown puppy during the pandemic and then realised they lacked socialisation skills through no fault of your own? On top of that, do you now have a dog that has endless energy to burn off, even as they are growing closer to adulthood? Fear not – help is on hand! Experienced DogFit instructor and dog trainer, Matt Blackbourn is here to sharing his personal experiences and advice about introducing Canicross to young dogs in a positive and effective way.

Episode 13: Canicrossing from a vet’s perspective – Morgane Bitane shares her love of the sport
When we take our dogs to the vet for their annual check-up, it’s always reassuring to hear that they are in good shape. If you’re a Canicrosser already, it’s normally at that point that you’ll have a conversation with your vet about Canicross. Did your vet know what Canicross was? In the past, there have been many vets who have never heard of it. However, that’s now changing. As the sport continues to grow, it’s also an activity that many vets now recognise and are seeing the benefits it can bring to dogs and their owners.

Small animal vet, Morgane Bitane is also a keen Canicrosser who has first-hand experience of running with her own dog. Here, she offers her views and thoughts from a vet’s perspective.

Episode 12: The Joy of running with your dog with Susie Chan
We are delighted in this episode to welcome Susie Chan, one of the most recognisable people in the UK Running Community. Susie took up running in her late 30s, initially be to be a bit healthier and built up from half marathons and marathons and then on to compete in some of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons and endurance races.
We’ve followed Susie for a while, and when she started to include her rescue dog Manny, along with her training we were pleased to see him enjoying free running alongside - and in a DogFit harness too. An inspiration to many, we are delighted to welcome Susie and hear first hand about her run training and trail adventures with Manny.

Episode 11: Canicrossing with Children
Many people may be surprised to hear that children can get take part in Canicross but so long as the right guidelines are in place there is no reason why they can’t. At DogFit we actively encourage juniors to get involved as it’s a fun way to introduce them to running and general fitness. We even sell a Canicross belt that is designed especially for children to fit their smaller hip measurements.
In this episode we’re joined by two of our DogFit Trainers, Steph Bishop and Marianne Mulder. As well as coaching Canicross classes for adults, they actively encourage children to take part. In fact, Canicross is a wonderful hobby that families can enjoy together…and for some children it’s much more exciting running with their dog on the trails than being dragged out on a long, boring walk by their parents!

Episode 10: Faster, Longer, Stronger

For many of us, Canicross is more than just a hobby and way to keep fit; it's a special way to bond with our dogs and build long-lasting friendships with like-minded people. But once we’ve got the Canicross bug, it’s natural to look for a new challenge…that may be to run a bit further or it may be to get that elusive 5k PB! You may even fancy entering a Canicross race.
Well, we're really pleased to have Sarah Gillam joining us in this Episode. Sarah is a DogFit Trainer based over in Germany. Not only is she an experienced Canicrosser, competing at European and International level, but she is a Personal Trainer with a particular passion to help others improve their running, and of course avoid injury! Sarah was ranked number 1 in Germany in 2019 for canicross and is currently top 10 in Europe. As well as loving the 5k ‘speed’ races she also has a passion for the multi-stage mountain events.  She has been running canicross for the last 7 years and before that was running in dogless events on the road and trails up to marathon distance.

Episode 9: Pilates for Canicrossers

Pilates has been around for close to 100 years. Founded by Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer fascinated by the balancing of body, mind and spirit, the discipline is all about strengthening the body, toning the muscles and improving posture and flexibility. This makes it a perfect companion for Canicrossers.
Someone who can tell us more about this highly effective form of exercise is DogFit Canicross trainer and Pilates instructor, Louise Humphrey. She also explains why Pilates is a great form of exercise for Canicrossers and general runners alike.

Episode 8: Anxious/Reactive Dog? Welcome to Canicross

Are you interested in taking up Canicross but concerned you have a reactive or anxious dog? 

Do you worry about how your dog will react to the Canicross kit, sounds and smells, not to mention the other people and dogs running ahead, behind and alongside them? Well, experienced dog trainer and DogFit Canicross instructor Christine Barber, is on hand to reassure you that you and your dog can safely and confidently take part in this wonderful sport. She shares her personal experiences and invaluable advice for making the experience a positive one so you and your dog can concentrate on enjoying the trails.

Episode 7: Nutrition and the active Canicross dog

We are often asked about the right nutrition for canicross dogs. After all, our dogs are the priority and we want to make sure we are providing the best for them, especially when are upping their activity and distances.

So who better to ask than our friends at Skinners. They have over 50 years of experience of fuelling active dogs, so understand the energy requirements and nutritional support that dogs need. In this episode we chat with Zoe Russell their Nutrition Officer.

Episode 6: 2021 Motivation, Running Form & Canicross Goals

It's a new year, and for many of us that also means a new fitness goal. 

Whatever your goal, there’s no doubt that we can all improve as runners...and much of that starts from the way we run, not just how far and how fast! In this episode of Talk Canicross, we chat to experienced Running Coach and Canicross Instructor Michelle Mortimer.

Episode 5: From abandoned pup to Canicross dog: Sean Laidlaw and Barrie...the story that became a viral news sensation

Heartwarming and inspirational, grab a coffee and have a listen.

Sean Laidlaw was working as a bomb disposal expert in Syria when he discovered an abandoned puppy hidden amongst the rubble. This was just the beginning of what was to turn out to be a life-affirming moment for both of them. Such a heartwarming and inspirational story to hear.

Episode 4: Canicross miles, MS and mental health

Take a moment to listen as we talk about MS, mental health and canicross with Cat Everard. 

Just inspirational and heartwarming to hear how canicross has helped in a difficult journey. DogFit Trainer and experienced Canicrosser, Cat Everard, talks opening and candidly about her personal battle with mental health and recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Episode 3: Oh Behave!

Join us as we chat with Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Clare Grierson.

We talk through getting the best from our dogs whilst out Canicrossing. How to keep your dog focussed and challenges that some of us come across when starting out. Claire explains how to work with your dog so you both get the best out of our sport.


Episode 2: From beginner to international Canicross medalist - Georgie Lambert

Ever wondered what it's like to compete at top level Canicross?

In this episode we're joined by Georgie Lambert, British, European and World Championship Canicross competitor.

** British Silver Medalist *** European Bronze Medalist *** Ranked 10th in the World 2020

Georgie talks about her amazing journey from a DogFit intro session to competing at top level with her rescue dog Benson. Sharing hints and tips as well as hopes for the future with her new Eurohound, Queen Bee. A truly inspiring story of teamwork and fun times!

Episode 1: Questions, Questions, Fun & Fears

Answers to all those questions you've wanted to ask!

In our first episode, where better to start than at the very beginning! We are joined by two newbies to the sport, Carolyne Cross and Kelly Satchell. Fabulous to hear from them both and help answer their questions, as well as hearing their first hand experiences.

If you’ve heard about Canicross and want to know more, listen in for all those FAQs that run through your head, before you’ve even put a harness on your dog.

Introduction: Welcome to Talk Canicross