Running Gait Analysis
Running Gait Analysis
Running Gait Analysis
Running Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis

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Suitable for any level canicrosser, who would like to know more about their style of running, their strengths and weaknesses (with and without the dog is possible).

With this full biomechanical gait analysis, you can understand how you run and learn techniques to help you improve your efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. All you need to do is send a few specific postural images and videos of you running from different views (phone captured is fine), then leave the rest to Sarah.  >> Hear from Sarah.

What do you get? 

  1. Feedback video of your run analysis with information on: 
  • Footstrike pattern 
  • Pronation levels  
  • Ground contact, stance and toe-off findings 
  • Foot angles and step width 
  • Tips on how to improve your technique 
  1. Full report for you to keep, inclusive of the following:
  • Observations on your static and dynamic postural assessment
  • Areas of weaknesses/ muscle imbalance with recommendations on how to strengthen them.
  • Strength and flexibility exercise recommendations to help improve your running form
  • Advice on which type of shoe(s) would best suit you for your different trainings:
    • Neutral/ Pronation control
    • Level of ‘drop’ (difference in height of midsole from rearfoot to forefoot)
    • Level of cushioning (minimal, normal, max)