Freemotion Harness - Non-Stop

The free motion harness from Non-Stop is a technically advanced harness, suitable for canicross and other dog sports such as bikejoring and dog scootering.

  • Designed to keep the airways free
  • Fully adjustable to every size of dog
  • Pulling point maximises range of motion
  • Correct pulling points for maximum effectiveness

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    The non stop freemotion harness is a fantastic harness if you are looking for a high performance and more technical piece of equipment. Some of the best canicross race teams and dog mushers in the world rely on a Free Motion harness for their dogs for that extra competitive edge.


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    Size 4 Size 5  Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9
    Weight 14-20kg 20-26kg 25-30kg 28-35kg 35kg + 40kg +

    Harness Neck Opening*

    36-41cm 40-45cm 44-49cm 48-55cm 55-60cm 59-65cm
    Front Strap** 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm

    * Measure the Lower part of your dog's neck close to the chest to get the correct size.
    ** Measure from the sternum to immediately behind the dog's forelegs. If your dog has a very muscular chest you may need to go up a size.



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